From 9th to 11th December 2019, a representative of Faculty of Aviation  and International Cooperation Office of the Military University of Aviation took part in the 44th IG meeting in Bucharest. The meeting was organised by European Security and Defence College, “Ferdinand I”  Land Forces Academy and “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy.

On the first day our representatives participated in a Workshop for IG Newcomers during which the history and goals of the programme were introduced. During the next day a plenary session and LoD (Line of Development) meetings took place. During the second plenary session, which took place on the third day, results and conclusions of the day 2nd meetings as well as new mobility proposals were introduced.

The topics discussed during the 44th IG meeting concerned the programme development direction, Common and Non-Common Modules, courses and trainings, cadets and staff mobilities, as well as International Semesters and European Universities.