W związku z sytuacją epidemiczną organizatorzy 5th CSDP Olympiad podjęli decyzję o zmianie terminu wyjazdowego etapu olimpiady, ktróry odbędzie się w Dubrowniku w Chorwacji od 08-12.03.2021 r.

On 9th June 2020 Military University of Aviation (MUA) representatives participated in the 46th meeting of the Implementation Group for EMILYO. Due to Covid 19, first time in the programme history, IG meeting took place online. Our representatives participated in the 6th Plenary Meeting of the LoD-12 devoted to International Air Force Semester.

Due to COVID-19, the time of a residential phase of the 5th CSDP Olympiad in Dubrovnik, Croatia has been postponed to an early spring 2021.

The precise date has not been provided yet.

Due to COVID-19, many of the planned for this year events have been rescheduled or cancelled. For details please go to the official EMILYO website (www.emilyo.eu) to “Mobility Offers & Multiplier Events” tab, or use the link below:

The „School of Eaglets” has opened its door for the future students of the Military University of Aviation (MUA). On March 4th 2020, undergraduates from Polish higher secondary schools came to our University to become familiarized with the process  of teaching  and practical training offered by MUA.